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Tiny Tummies celebrates food and family. Our mission is to help parents raise curious and enthusiastic eaters.

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Peel Me a Carrot
I suppose I should not have been shocked to read what a well-known dietitian said recently, "Expecting busy family members to stop and peel a carrot is unrealistic." After all, millions of people in this country value speed over flavor. Cooking, even the simple peeling of a carrot, is seen as a waste of time. I would argue loudly, (do you hear me shouting yet?), that eating is much more important than putting food into a stomach swiftly.
Baby Food Basics
Does your four-, five- or six-month-old baby watch intently as you eat? Does he grab your spoon? Can he sit upright (with a little support) and hold his head up well? If so, get ready, it's time for solid food!
Eat Well, Spend Less
Eating well and trying to save on groceries means balancing time with money and flavor with convenience. It is a challenge for every family. Consider also the costs and benefits of food choices as they affect your family lifestyle, the people and economics in your community, and the environment. Saving money is one important goal and eating well is equally important. Here are some ideas to help you do both.









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