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"You did a great presentation.  It was so well organized, you were funny and you had great solutions for feeding children."  ~ Debbie

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  Sanna Delmonico
M.S., R.D., Editor
P.O. Box 5756
Napa, CA 94581
Ph: 707.251.0550
Fx: 707.251.5721
Tiny Tummies welcomes you!
Class Descriptions


Classes and Workshops   Here's What Participants Say:
Feeding children can be confusing and frustrating when your little one won't let the green beans touch the potatoes or steadfastly refuses to eat anything but cheese. Sanna helps you understand why kids can be finicky eaters, translates the science of nutrition into tips you can use in everyday life, and focuses on healthy eating and lifestyles for the whole family. Sanna brings her passion for children and cooking to your home, preschool, or parent group!

"As parents, we recognize the importance of establishing healthy eating habits in our children, but you've given us the knowledge and ideas to make it possible!"    ~ Kate

"Thank you for the awesome parent meeting! We were so happy to have such an enthusiastic speaker who connected so well with our parents.  Thanks for the great info."
~ Ericka

"I've heard back from the moms in our group and they absolutely loved your relaxed approach! They found the class extremely informative and valuable."
~ Grace

Some of the places Sanna has spoken:
Santa Rosa Mothers' Club
Community Resources for Children
Parents Place San Rafael and Santa Rosa
Cisco Systems
Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives (presented by the Culinary Institute of America and Harvard Medical Osher Research Center)
Child Start, Napa County
Petaluma Mothers' Club
Fairfield/Suisun Mothers' Club
California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools Convention
Topics include:  
Learn how to make delicious homemade baby food in minutes. Be confident about what foods to introduce at what ages. Learn how to prevent food allergies and choking hazards and make smooth transitions from breast or bottle to the table.  
Toddlers can be challenging to feed. Learn why they are prone to picky eating and what to do about it. Make quick and nutritious snacks. Help toddlers eat and enjoy a variety of foods, including dreaded vegetables! Master the Toddler Food Guide and learn why a "good eater" may not be what you think.  
A great topic for parent groups with children from babies to toddlers to school-age kids. Learn how children's eating habits form. Start using a "balance of power" for feeding to make mealtimes healthier and happier. Find out why picky eating can be normal and what to do about it. Understand healthy eating habits for children and parents. Learn how to put nutritious meals and snacks on the table in a hurry.  

Are you interested in Basic Cooking for Families, Coping with a Picky Eater or Preventing Childhood Obesity?

Sanna will work with you to design a workshop or cooking class that teaches your group the specific information and skills YOU want.

Sanna is available to teach feeding and cooking classes to parent groups and professionals around Northern California, and occasionally outside the area.
Contact Sanna
for rates and more information.



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